Recovery Chatroom

Welcome to the Recovery International Chatroom! ** This chat room is open 24 hours a day. A schedule of structured meetings and moderated chats is at the bottom of this page. The purpose of the chatroom is to provide peer support using the principles of Abraham Low’s self help system.

The next meeting will be held:


Folks, we have experienced numerous problems recently with the chat software we’ve been using on this site for nearly a year.  We’ve looked into many different chats and it seems that the best one is one called “Slack”.   LOG IN TO SLACK HERE

If you are new to the RI chat, please send an email to to request a signin to Slack.  It should not take more than a day to get you signed up.

If you have participated in the chats before and received an email from Gus on or around 4/18/2019 then you have already been invited to join Slack and can go ahead and log in.

All meetings will be held as usual at the posted times.

Note on browsers:  Slack works on the following browsers:




Version 66 or above


Version 60 or above


Version 10.1 or above

Microsoft Edge

Version 41 or above

New to RI?

 Register: You need to register to participate in the chat room on Slack.  Please send an email request to  If you ever forget your password, you can click on “lost password.” 

Check the links on the right: these will help you with the background information on Recovery International, sample spots, and a sample “Example” in four parts.

If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email the chat leaders at:

Please note: this chat software works on desktops and tablets AND phones!  You need to download the Slack app (free) to your phone.

** The official Recovery International web site’s chatroom is temporarily down and so this chat room will be used until the new web site has launched a new software.