RI Terms & Definitions

Recovery International Terms and Defintions

Angry Temper – Negative judgments (resentment, impatience, indignation, disgust, hatred) directed against another person or situation.

Fearful Temper – Negative judgments (discouragement, preoccupation, embarrassment, worry, hopelessness, despair, sense of shame, feelings of inadequacy) directed against oneself.

Averageness – Most of the things we experience, including nervous symptoms, are average—most people have experienced them. Only our tendency to work them up makes them seem exceptional to us.

Self-Endorsement – Self-praise for any effort to practice the Recovery International Method. We recognize the value of every effort we make regardless of the result.

Sabotage – When we ignore or choose not to practice what we have learned in Recovery International.  When we do not do what is best for our mental health.

Trivialities – The everyday events and irritations of daily life. Compared to our mental health, most events are trivial.

Inner Environment – Everything inside yourself: feelings, sensations, thoughts, impulses and muscles.

Outer Environment – Everything outside yourself: places, people, events, and the past.

Spotting – Identifying a disturbing feeling, sensation, thought or impulse, previously unseen…then applying the right Recovery International tools.